7 Top Tips for Injury Free Gardening

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As we are heading towards the summer months, the time has come to start getting the garden ready! Having had a break over the autumn & winter it is really tempting to hit the gardening hard which your body won't be used to. I have put together some top tips to ensure that getting your garden ship-shape will not lead to pain or injury!

1. Warm up - Doing the garden can feel like a full on workout so you should treat it as one! A few mobility & dynamic stretching exercises should do the trick.

2. Wear comfortable clothing - Make sure you are suitably dressed for the activities that you are going to carry out in the garden. It is a good idea to wear clothing that is non-restrictive so you are able to move freely.

3. Keep moving - make sure that you don't stay in the same position for too long & take regular breaks.

4. Stay hydrated - as with any other exercise, & especially if it is warm & sunny, make sure you drink plenty of fluid & take regular breaks to do this.

5. Use padding under your knees - if you are weeding or tending to flower beds & kneeling, make sure that you have a cushion or something similar under your knees.

6. Choose the right tools - try & use a long-handled tool where possible to stop you having to bend over or over-stretch.

7. Lift sensibly - Bend your knees, keep your back straight & hug the weight close to your body. Get help if the item is too heavy or awkward to lift on your own. Don't try & do everything in one go & know your own limits!

Hopefully you find these tips helpful but if you do end up with an injury or pain after gardening that is not getting better on its own, please see a health practitioner or your GP for further advice.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on 07787 563775 or by e-mail at emma@ehsportstherapy.com.

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