Top Tips for Injury Prevention in Pre-Season

Injury prevention

Having previously worked at a rugby club I know that the pre-season period can be pretty busy for therapists. The ground tends to be harder leading to complaints of shin pain, knee pain, low or mid-back tightness & many others!

To try & avoid these types of pain & injury:

1. Build your training up so that your body has time to get used to the increased stress on the muscles & joints.

2. If you are able to wear trainers for the running elements of the pre-season sessions as they tend to provide more cushioning than boots.

3. Ensure that you warm up thoroughly including dynamic stretching before each session & match.

4. Conclude your training with a cool down to help with your recovery.

5. Make sure that you are hydrated especially if your pre-season takes place in the summer months.

6. If you finished your previous season with an injury or niggle make sure that you have fully recovered before you get back into full training.

If those niggles just won't settle down, book an appointment with a qualified therapist to prevent them from getting any worse & to head into the full season pain-free.

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