Tips for Running Newbies

Tips for new runners


  • Invest in the right pair of running shoes.

  • One for the ladies - make sure you have decent sports bras.

  • Invest in some technical clothing. This doesn't have to be expensive, there are plenty of companies who sell running specific kit that won't break the bank!


  • Get into the habit of warming up before & warming down after your run.

  • Take walking breaks if needed.

  • Build mileage gradually.

  • Go for distance rather than time. Slow it down, be patient & don't worry about your pace or time.

Safety in Numbers

  • Join a running group - use the experience of people who have been there, done that! Most running clubs have several groups training at different distances & speeds at their training sessions.

  • Alternatively use a Couch to 5k app or find a local group that start you from this point.

Nutrition & Hydration

  • Don't eat just before a run!

  • Try & eat within 30 minutes of finishing a training session with a mixture of protein & carbohydrates. Don't overdo it though if you are just starting out, the longer/more intense your training session the more attention you will need to pay to your nutrition.

  • Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day especially on a training day & rehydrate post training session.

Cross Training

  • Mix other types of training into your week such as weight training or do a regular Pilates or Yoga class.

  • Make sure you have rest days!

Achievable Goals

  • Keep a training log to make running a habit

  • Set small achievable goals on a regular basis to progress your training & keep it interesting!


  • Listen to your body! Running through pain is never a good idea. If you do have any pain during or after running, take some time to rest & if the pain persists see a therapist or your GP to get some advice.

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