What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation is concerned with musculoskeletal (muscle, joint

s, tendons, ligaments) conditions arising from sporting activity, not general healthcare. It focuses on understanding & preventing common injuries in sport & dealing with the physical & emotional trauma caused by these injuries. Although the training of a Sports Therapist is geared towards injuries obtained by sport or exercise, the skills gained can be used to assess, treat & rehabilitate pain of a non-sporting nature.

Sports Therapists have the training & skills to provide:

  • pre & post-event sports massage

  • remedial massage

  • post-operative rehabilitation

  • core stability, proprioception (balance), strengthening & flexibility rehabilitation programmes

  • advice on injury prevention

  • sport-specific rehabilitation

  • taping & strapping for various injuries & conditions

  • referrals to alternative practitioners if necessary or applicable

Before I even started my Sports Therapy degree, my aim was to work in a clinic with members of the general public who wanted to become pain free & return to the activities they enjoyed. Through personal experience of injury & the difficulties of returning to sport following this, I have a good understanding & empathise with anyone finding themselves in this situation. My aim is to provide an optimum level of service for people looking to return to full fitness.

Should you have any questions about Sports Therapy & whether it could benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation chat on 07787 563775 or via email at: emma@ehsportstherapy.com

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