Returning to Exercise After a Break!

Are you currently thinking about changing your exercise routine or starting again as your New Year’s resolution? Or do you normally have a break over the holidays & then struggle to get going again?

Many people return to exercise in January after a long break or decide to try something new. Here are my top tips to help avoid injury & to motivate you to keep it up!

  1. Start slowly – Your body needs to get used to exercising. If you are planning to start running, begin with a walk/jog programme. There are lots of apps out there such as Couch to 5km to give you a programme to follow. Also running groups & local councils often run Couch to 5km programmes to get you started.

  2. Warm up before & cool down after each session – Make sure you include these to help prevent injury. If you are not sure what to do, take advice from a Health Professional or Personal Trainer.

  3. Have rest days – Your body needs time to recover from exercise whether you are regular or just starting out.

  4. Try something different! If you have joined a gym before & not enjoyed it, try a group exercise class, sports club or training outdoors. Try lots until you find your favourites & a routine that you think you will be able to stick to. Your body will thank you for a variety of exercise.

  5. Weight training – If you fancy giving lifting a try, make sure you take some advice for a qualified trainer/coach to ensure that you are using the correct techniques.

  6. Train with a friend or family member – You can motivate each other especially when one of you is not up for getting out & exercising

  7. Know when to stop! – If you have any sharp pains during or after exercising, stop! Find an injury professional to assess what is wrong & to help you to progress through the issue in a safe way.

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